Assassins Creed III

Assassins Creed III : American Revolution ?

It seems as though the next installment in the Assassins creed franchise will be set during the time of the American Revolution. A recent leaked Image of the newest game in the series made it’s way out. This makes for an interesting connection between the freeMasons and Templars. The game will ship some time in the fall, during an election year.


EA Sports Season Ticket

What If EA let you play your favorite sports game three days before it came out? This question is becoming a reality for those who enjoy any or all of the five games that EA Sports is offering with there new “Season Ticket” subscription based program. The NHL, NFL, NCAA Football,  PGA Golf and FIFA franchises are taking part in the new service that EA is trying to sell to gamers for $25. The perks included are the following —

  • Download and Play The Full Game(from any of the 5 games above) Three Days Prior To Release
  • 20 percent off DLC For those games
  • Premium Web Content
  • Member Recognition (A Badge Visible online)
If you are someone who is on the fence or unsure of the latest Madden title or those who want to try and explore another one of the EA Games, I think that this is an viable option. Having a Group of friends decide to use one gamer tag to play each of the games before they come out and testing them out could be beneficial. Although you would have to buy $125 worth of DLC to break even and the “Premium Web Content” is still a mystery, this is a look toward the future of video games with subscription based offerings. This is just the initial offering from EA Sports; In the future I see greater discount rates, more games included and actual premium web content included with the subscription. As of now I think the offering is still a bit ruff, sports games usual have many bugs initially and without a patch to later fix those issues consumers might be turned off. This offering is interesting due to the potential negative effects it could have on sales, although they are making money off you either way.

NBA 2K12 Cover’s

There are three separate covers for this year NBA game from 2k, personally I like Larry on the cover.

NFL Deals That Need to Be Done — Kevin Kolb For Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Kolb would love to play in Arizona

This one is simple, Arizona needs a Quarterback, the Eagles need a liitle secondary help. with Cromartie being one of the top young corners in the league this deal is good for both sides. If this deal would go through however the Cardinals would have to give up a draft pick, possibly a 3rd or 4th rounder.

NFL News To Start Again !!

Finally !!

With the optimism at an all time high that the NFL lockout will end soon, expect lots of news and rumors coming your way. With free agency, rookie signings and training camps all ready to be squeezed into a short, sure to be a hectic and exciting time.