Assassins Creed III

Assassins Creed III : American Revolution ?

It seems as though the next installment in the Assassins creed franchise will be set during the time of the American Revolution. A recent leaked Image of the newest game in the series made it’s way out. This makes for an¬†interesting¬†connection between the freeMasons and Templars. The game will ship some time in the fall, during an election year.


Urgent Care Center

After recent experience with the UCC (use cash or card) center, I’ve decided to talk about my experience. So I had chest pains and well I know thats never good, so I decided to get medical care. I couldn’t drive due to the extent of the pain so I had my neighbor drive me. Usually there is something in my head thats says “No Thank you” to the Urgent Care Center, but that was over ruled by my brain saying “pain..pain I need help” Now I get there an tell them that my chest hurts exc and they to a number of simple tests, and after less than five minutes they don’t know what’s wrong (They never do) and they send me to the hospital. But before I go I need to take care of that $350 bill they just gave me, at that point I didn’t know what felt worse. I have been to two UCC in my life in two different places, and the constant is the same they really don’t know much and you’ll end up going to the real hospital anyways with less money in your wallet. But still I want to know what you think, any success stories out there ??