Madden 13 To Use Kinect

Madden 13 will implement Kinect

Although no official news has been released on this years Madden, the cover art suggests that this years game will utilize the Kinect sensor. This makes for some interesting speculation to how they will implement the features of Kinect into this years game. Perhaps an easier way to navigate the menu or being able to literally “call” out the play you want to run. A more interesting idea is having a motion while playing the game that would initiate a challenge. Pausing the game and navigating through a menu just to challenge the ruling on the field seems counterintuitive, this would make the action much more natural and seamless for the user. It is always fun to speculate and for those of you who will be buying the Xbox version of Madden it is something new to look forward too. 


MLB 12 Bundle: Vita & PS3 Together For $80

Seeing Double?

If you have a PS Vita and want to take your game with you on the go, Sony is offering a special $80 bundle for both versions of the game. I believe this is going to be a continuous trend with similar triple A sports game titles. Having both versions bundled together for a discount could help draw sales for games like Madden and FIFA. 

 MLB 12 Bundle(Gamestop)